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Range of products including amino acids from animal procedure with aminograms adapted to cause those plants most needed in each vegetative stage effects, and especially suitable for overcoming stress conditions. High concentrations and different compositions, guarantee to cover all the basic needs of these elements in their crops with low dose product.

Products authorized for use in Ecological Agriculture under regulations

N.O.P (National Organic Program) and (CE) nº 834/2007 & 889/2008.

Proamin 80 Wsp

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Proamin 90 Wsp

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Amino active N 90 SS

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Recomended Dose Aminoacids

Vegetables Fruit trees/Citrus Cereal General
Proamin 80 WSP 100 gr/Hl 100-200 gr /HL 0,5 Kg/Ha 1-2 Kg/Ha
Proamin 90 WSP 100 gr/Hl 100-200 gr /L 0,5 Kg/Ha 1-2 Kg/Ha
Amino Active N 90 SS 100 gr/Hl 100-200 gr /L 0,5 Kg/Ha 1-2 Kg/Ha

You can consult us about our special formulations with: AIA, AIB, ANA, ANA-AMIDA, 4-CPA, BNOA, 6BPA, 6BAP, GA3, GA4+7, Abcisic Acid, etc.


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