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Range of products including products to induce rooting overcome more effectively transplantation, and ensure proper development of the root system of plants, yourself by getting thus a more efficient adaptation to the environment, causing a proper development of plants.

Avan Root

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Avan Root Plus Wsp

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*Can be certified by Organic Agriculture

Recomended Dose Rooting

Vegetables Fruit trees/Citrus Cereal General
Avan Root 200-300 cc/Hl 200-300 cc/Hl 1,5-2 L/Ha 2-3 L/Ha
Avan Root Plus WSP 200-300 gr/Hl 200-300 gr/Hl 1,5-2 Kg/Ha 2-3 L/Ha

You can consult us about our special formulations with: AIA, AIB, ANA, ANA-AMIDA, 4-CPA, BNOA, 6BPA, 6BAP, GA3, GA4+7, Abcisic Acid, etc.

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