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Includes formulas N -P- K + T.E fertilizer, in concentrate suspension form, products formulated with high quality raw materials. Purity, solubility and stability is perfectly balanced to achieve the desired results. The variety of formulations allows us to go to the most appropriate concentration for each phenological time of the crop.

Designed for drip irrigation applications.

Includes formulas N -P- K + T.E fertilizer in concentrate suspension form for drip irrigation applications

Nitrogen (N) Phosphorus (P2O5) Potassium (K2O) Micro-elements EDTA
ECOSPEED 10-50-10 10,0 % w/v 50,0 % w/v 10,0 % w/v (B)(Fe) (Zn)(Mn)(Mo) EDTA
ECOSPEED 10-10-50 10,0 % w/v 10,0 % w/v 50,0 % w/v (B)(Fe) (Zn)(Mn)(Mo) EDTA
ECOSPEED 20-20-20 20,0 % w/v 20,0 % w/v 20,0 % w/v (B)(Fe) (Zn)(Mn)(Mo) EDTA


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