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Physiological activators of natural origin, from different extracts of algae species as Ascophyllum nodossum. They are products listed to promote and accelerate crop metabolic processes, and especially indicated during the sprouting and fruits fattening phases, because of its composition are especially useful to combat and overcome stress water and thermal.

Avan Boron

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Avan Bormon

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Maxiboron Wsp

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Avan Calciboron

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Avan Calcium

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Avan Ligno Ca

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Can be certified by Organic Agriculture


Vegetables Fruit trees/Citrus Cereal/Extensive Crops General
Avan Boron 150-200 cc/Hl 200-300 cc /Hl 150-200 cc/ Hl 2-3 L/Ha
Avan Bormon 200-300 cc/Hl 200-500 cc Hl 150-200 cc/ Hl 2-5 L/Ha
Avan Maxiboron Wsp 200-300 gr/Hl 200-500 gr/Hl 150-200 cc/Hl 2-3 Kg/Ha
Avan Calciboron 200-300 cc/Hl 200-500 cc/Hl 100 gr/Hl 2-5L/Ha
Avan Calcium 200-300 gr/Hl 200-500 gr/Hl 150-200 cc/Hl 2-5L/Ha
Avan Ligno Ca 200-300 cc/Hl 200-500 cc/Hl 150-200 cc/Hl 2-5L/Ha


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